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August 21 2010 Eric Lambert

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8/21/10 Eric Lambert

today the boomerang was whisk away from Garner in a real stealth operation. Under total silence except for some Scottish code talking Eric Lambert sneaked into Garner Gliderport to claim the Boomerang back.




Hi all -


Well Saturday was a great practice day at Merlin...no boomers, but enuf lift to keep us aloft


For those who don't know, Ron White, power, aerobatic & glider pilot extraordinaire is back with us. He did the first of 3 flights needed to get current again in the LARK. Ron took off at 1:15 and returned at 3:40 for a 2'25" flight. Ever the showman, he wrapped things up with a few loops and I think I saw a lazy eight as well.....Welcome back Ron!


Stefan and his pal the 1-26 spent a couple of hours bonding.


Pat Riley & I took that workhorse 2-33 up into some weak lift and continued to perfect our "scratching" abilities with an hour and 15 minutes in the air.


The big story though was Eric's successful completion of the BOOMERANG SAGA!!!! The short story goes as follows: (Perhaps Eric will elaborate to all or u can come to the field and get his first-person account!)


Eric launched into marginal lift at 12:45 and knocked around, going back and forth between Merlin and Petersburg for a couple of hours testing the lift, but unsure whether or not to set out on course. Eventually, he found himself at 4k over Psburg and spotted a lone cume some 8 or 9 miles east of his position......with a whole lot of blue between. While he maintained radio silence, he could hear the boys at Garner in the air......meaning there had to be lift to the east, so he went for it! He made Garner with sufficient altitude and lift to fly some 3 miles beyond the field and then return with a call-in and landing "from the East". Couldn't possibly be anyone from Merlin, right? Wrong!!!!


So last week's bogey from the west that resulted in a scramble to intercept and reclaim the Boomerang, became this week's stealth glider from the east......and Merlin is now home for the Boomerang!!!! The question now....who will come and claim it from us? Will TSS come in from the east or BRSS or SVS come in from the west?" 


In any event, it's a first for MSA and it's ours for now!


C U @ the field!

Story by David Reilly


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