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The Boomerang Trophy

The Blue Ridge Soaring Society's Boomerang Trophy is designed to promote interaction between soaring sites at the cross country soaring level. First introduced in 1969, the list of pilots who have claimed (Claim History) the trophy is a list of "who is who" in our sport of soaring.

There are many stories to be told behind these claims and we we encourage recent and past "Claimers" to post them here to keep the spirit of this trophy alive and create an incentive for our young (at hart) glider pilots to join this elite club.











For additional information contact:

P.O. Box 787, New Castle, Va. 24127 
Email: soaring@brss.net



Comments (2)

John Mittell said

at 11:05 am on Sep 28, 2010

As part of the story for claiming the trophy, could the claimant add a file of their flight log trace so we can look at it in SeeYou. I think it would add to the storyline.

John Mittell

mattmckrell@bellsouth.net said

at 11:10 am on Sep 28, 2010

Hi, John,

yes, or also you can look on OLC. I always post my flights there.

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